The pantry is full of things that i use daily and quite honestly couldn't live without, dramatic i know, but seriously life is better when you eat right, your kitchen essentials are sorted and have a 'planty thing' with fresh herbs growing outside your window... hop over to my blog post to see why.   

Last time I checked these were the prices, they may have changed a little but it is always good to have an idea. 


1) Okay so i'm a late on the whole iconic, multi award winning cleanser that cleanses, decongests, tones, exfoliates, and removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup... oh yeah and it is described by Vogue as 'probably the best cleanser in the world' Eve Lom if you don't use this already, then start... its sublime!

2) I can't possibly tell you in one sentence why you need this Neon suit in your life... but just for starters... this baby works like a corset (always handy) giving you the confidence to run after your toddler down the beach, whilst looking ridiculously stylish! Take a little look at my Neon blog post for a more detailed look at these beautiful suits... 

3) Coconut Oil

4) Myiram ( Sam's mum) is never ever with out her trusty Opinel... I love that we can all be out on a walk and Myiram randomly offers us beautifully sliced pieces of apple, or cheese or bread. It's because of her that I use mine daily... and for that reason and that reason only this handy little French classic is in the shop. My favourite size is the No.8..... it just feels substantial enough - yet still  bit feminine.

5) Stabilo trio pencilshonestly the nicest pencils for your little ones to draw with, they are ergonomically designed for easy grip, but for me its softness of the lead and the pallet of colours. No matter what is being drawn,  they just look beautiful, get them and you will see exactly what I mean. 

6) Every thursday we have our Riverford  bumper vegbox delivered and its been like this for the past 6 years, and you know what... We have never ever been disappointed! we all know why it is light years better to eat organic, but from a budget perspective i think that you would find it hard to buy 10 varieties of organic veg for £20.45  from your local supermarket. If nothing else then buy a bag of their mixed salad leaves... best on the planet, big call? not really.

7) Chopsticks

8) Stools

9) Coldpressed Flax Seed

10) Baby Bottle

11) Milk Thistle

12) Tarquins Gin

13) I love this Riverford eco cool safe what a great idea, I love great ideas, especially ones you can plant herbs on top of! I'm currently stashing away my cash to get one, although if you are handy with tools, take a look for a little inspiration. 

14) Coconut Nectar

15) My new addiction is seaweed...  more accurately The Cornish Seaweed Company, we love the sea spaghetti in our stir-frys, Kombu in dahl, Dulse with spring greens and a poached egg, the list goes on... check these guys out. I have written about the nutritious benefits of including these weeds into your diet, and also a few recipes to get you started.

16) Bouillon

17) Baobab

18) My New Roots

19) I love Meridian nut butters, this Welsh company have been making nut and seed butters for over 20 years and are super passionate about... eh hem... their nuts...  They don't use palm oils  (happy Orangutans!) as an emulsifier like most brands of nut butters, so with Meridian Almond butter and Peanut butter all the natural, nutrient rich oils are intact and because of this you will find that it will naturally separate, give it a good stir before devouring! Also one final point, from looking around, it really feels like this huge 1kg pot is amazing value.

20) The first time I clapped eyes on a Klean Kanteen was in California in the Whole foods Market. Man... I was in heaven! Huxley was 10 months old, and his sippy cup looked revolting compared to these colourful beauties and not to mention the fact that it has none of the potential chemical issues of plastic, or the weight and durability issues of glass. We still have our original Klean Kanteen from that day, it's dented, the paint is a bit chipped - but it's used and just slightly appreciated every day. 

21)  Cacao, maca's best friend, a little match made in heaven for so many 'clean treats' also an amazing mood booster... always helpful!

22) This bad boy is the Land Rover of blenders, a lifetime investment! Honestly, it really is worth the bucks... I've never been a fan of gadgets, just a couple of pieces of kit in my kitchen that can just about do anything... and this is one! if you are starting to eat in a more 'clean' whole foods way then you really will need a vitamix sooner rather than later, you can whizz up frozen bananas to make ice cream, grind nuts to make nut butters and sate sauce - and even make your own nut milks, not to mention your daily green smoothies with raw veg... anyway, get this on your christmas wish list, you won't regret it! I waited a long time to get mine aaaaarrggghhh ... those wasted years!

23) Steamer

24) We have never bought into the whole plastic kids cutlery, have you tried to eat with them? They are impossible! My chicks have always used proper metal (small) forks and knifes that cut. Now don't get me wrong they very much understand that knifes cut and are sharp, but they get it and even Raphael at age 3 and a half can use a knife with care... Huxley, age 6 and a half now, owns his first  Opinel kids knife, it lives in the kitchen (not in his pocket) he uses it when he has something tricky to cut, or perhaps we take it on a picnic... this is very special to him, and for sure, he appreciates that we trust him. 

25) Maca just helps one those days when you feel like you're walking through mud... oh and it tastes like maltesers!

26) Spiraliser

27) Burts Bees

28) Blanched Almonds

29) Marigold Engevita Yeast Flakes

30) Chia