Hi my name is Hannah, my parents call me Wink so I've gone with it.. 

I'm wife to Sam and mama to Huxley and Raphael. We all live in a cottage by the sea in Cornwall. 

For years Sam and I crossed the globe while he competed on the surfing world tour. 

Kids, athletes, travel and home… this is the mix that has inspired my approach to food. 

I don't want to spend my life in the kitchen - but I do want to make healthy, tasty, nourishing, energising, immunity-boosting, child friendly dishes that make us feel great. 

My approach is pretty straight forward - use the good stuff - keep the cooking simple - avoid the bad stuff - make it delicious. My recipes are mainly vegetarian or vegan.

The good stuff… organic fresh fruit and vegetables, good oils and fats, nuts and seeds, basic whole foods, locally sourced fish and occasionally some organic meat.

The bad stuff… overly processed food, refined sugars, bad oils, wheat, dairy, gluten - you know… the usual suspects! 

I'm not a nutritionist or dietary expert - but I am passionate about cooking and keeping my family fit and strong by plotting a course through the confusing landscape of healthy eating.

I have also always loved trawling markets, finding battered lost causes and making them beautiful again - in my eyes at least! - So you might just find the odd bit of furniture on the blog -  

Anyway - thank you for being here...


love - Wink. 


Contact me at winklamiroy@gmail.com with any questions or thoughts... I would love to hear from you!